Marcelle Guidry

Fiber / Abbeville, La


I am a self-taught artist from Abbeville, La. Employing patterns, textures and materials found in nature, I create small to medium-sized baskets using the techniques of coiling, wood-burning, weaving and beading. The gourds, pine needles, vines, bark and leaves that I use create a natural pallet for the baskets. My pieces are both functional and decorative. Some of the natural objects that I use are pine needles that I collect around town, fresh-water shells that I collect from the Vermilion River, grapevines that I cut down around my house, bones that I find out in the country, and gourds that I special order. I am influenced by other cultures, primitive crafts, Nature and other artisans.


I was born and raised in Abbeville, La. While I don't have a formal art education, my love of arts and crafts has motivated me to learn many art techniques. I incorporate beading, crochet, wood burning and painting into the construction of my baskets.