Kent A Follette

Clay / Gonzales, LA


My life as an artist/potter revolves around functional vessels. My work is used in the cooking and serving of food. My wish is that they become a part of the users’ daily rituals. Sharing the pleasures that the utilitarian objects gives fills my soul. Good pots, good food, and good friends in the kitchen are what make my life go round.


I have been working in clay since 1969. This elective in art school turned into my life’s passion. I progressed from BFA, to MFA, to arts professor only to decide
what I really wanted was to make pottery, not to teach. In 1980, I built a small studio in Ruston, Louisiana and soon began to realize more success than I could dream possible. What started off small turned into large and I felt very blessed.

I have now moved and started a new shop in Gonzales, Louisiana. It is smaller and I am working by myself. I am minutes from my grandson and with more time to fish. It does not get any better than this!