Wade Cantrell

Wood / Berwick, LA.


Items are hand-turned on a wood lathe, then hand-sanded and finished. Native Louisiana woods such as cedar, Chinese tallow, cypress, hackberry, and willow are used. A number of items are also turned from Grand Isle driftwood. Inventory includes bowls, rosary boxes, ring boxes, wine bottle stoppers, and miniature birdhouse ornaments.


I was born and raised in south Louisiana, and I currently live and work on my art in Grand Isle. I have always had a passion for wood. My father was a carpenter, and he was the first to inspire me to work with wood. I went on to own a lumber business, and I designed and built three of my own homes. In high school, I worked on a wood lathe for the first time, and I was hooked. However, I did not get back to it until about two years ago—56 years later!! I had previously dabbled in painting and other creative endeavors, but woodturning has been the most rewarding pursuit.