Susan Chiquelin

Clay / Lafayette, LA


I create functional and artistic wheel thrown pottery primarily in porcelain although I also work in stoneware.Slab building techniques are part of my creative process as well.
Recently I have begun to create reed baskets using many weave patterns in both natural and dyed reed. So now I am an artist in two media - clay and fiber and both give me joy that I hope to share with you. My goal is to produce art that is both functional and aesthetically appealing to both you and myself.


The pottery I create is wheel thrown and altered. I also create pieces that are hand built from clay slabs. A variety glazing techniques are used in my work including spray glazing. Newcomb pottery has inspired my work through its simplicity of line and soft reflection of nature. The porcelain pieces I produce also show an Asian influence and are somewhat contemporary in style.
While my pottery has a contemporary flare, my newest media, fiber, is somewhat more traditional. However by using a variety of weave patterns and dyed reed, my baskets become a bit of both traditional and contemporary styles.
My artistic goal is to create pottery and baskets that are both beautiful and useful. When someone looks at my work, I want them to see both artistry and functionality in each piece whether it is a bowl or a basket.