Rocky Broome

Clay / Baton Rouge, LA


My work is wheel thrown, hand painted porcelain pottery. As an avid gardener, I have a keen interest in nature and particularly in wildflowers. In my work, I try to preserve their fleeting beauty.
Each piece of pottery is functional as well as decorative. Glazes are lead free and the ware is safe for the microwave, oven and dishwasher.


I have had a lifelong love affair with clay.

As a child I loved making mud pies and squishing mud between my toes. As a professional production potter, I get to “play” with clay and make pots, lots and lots of pots. Lucky me, then I enjoy painting the pots.

There is something therapeutic about working on multiples of the same form for a production line. By the time I sit down at the potter’s wheel I have weighed the clay, wedged the clay and been thinking about the destiny of that piece. I know what the shape and function will be and how I will paint the surface. I work with porcelain clay because it is the whitest and most durable of all clays and I can use the smooth white surface as my canvas. Using nature as my inspiration, my objective is to create watercolor, expressionist like paintings that evoke a feeling of joy and beauty.

Although I appreciate the routine of production work sometimes I feel the need to break free. I want to be more open by letting the clay itself dictate the shape and then examining the form to determine how I will treat the surface. That can be anything from painting images or carving textures which tend to be more abstract. In these times I feel more like an artist than a craftsman and it is when I create some of my best work.
In my work, as in my life, I try to create balance. The fact that my pottery can bring joy and I can create something that becomes a part of someone’s life is very gratifying. Like most potters, once I touched clay I was hooked.
My work has been marketed by galleries, museums, and gift shops throughout the United States. I currently participate in invitational and juried Fine Art and Craft shows throughout the Central and Gulf Coast Regions. I also participate in the Arts Council Markets in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

My studio is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.