Lynda Katz

Clay / Independence, LA


My work is influenced by my studies of historical ceramics, especially Chinese Song dynasty porcelains and Japanese folk pottery. My personal environment, both past and present, and my interactions with clients and friends are equal partners in the creative endeavor.

I was born in Maryland and grew up in the Northeast where my family had a summer home on the Chesapeake Bay. I've lived in Louisiana for twenty some years now, in an ecosystem remarkably similar to that of my childhood. The images and experiences from both my childhood and my current environment have evolved into images I use on my domestic and decorative pottery. The models are often edible and inspire utilitarian pottery in which to cook and serve. Images in my work come from my pond (where rumor has it there lurks a giant bass), my garden and the woods where I walk the dogs and ride my horses.

I work in porcelain, a high fire, white, vitreous clay body. Each piece is thrown individually by hand. Some of the pieces incorporate handbuilding techniques and/or alteration of the thrown form. After an initial bisque firing each piece is glazed and decorated by hand using a technique similar to majolica. Commercial ceramic stains or powdered metallic oxides are mixed with water in a wash and painted on the glaze. Other pieces are decorated by trailing one glaze over another. The work is then fired to approximately 2300ºF in a reduction atmosphere. This process generates subtle variations in each piece that speak to the user of the human hand and spirit.

Each piece is designed and made with great care and is intended to be used as well as contemplated. The glazes contain no lead. The ware is dishwasher safe, microwave and oven proof. It should never be placed on a stove top burner, and avoiding sudden drastic changes in temperature (i.e., from refrigerator to preheated oven) will prolong its life.


Lynda Katz is a studio potter who has lived and worked in southeast Louisiana since 1973. She currently creates both one of a kind pieces and a line of functional and decorative porcelain at her studio outside Independence. Lynda was born in Maryland, grew up in Pennsylvania, and has lived in Louisiana for over thirty years.

She received her B.A. degree in 1968 from Douglass College in New Jersey, where she studied ceramics with Hui Ka Kwong. In 1971 she received her M.A. in ceramics from Florida State University. Her professional background includes several teaching positions. Currently she teaches Art History Art Appreciation at the American Public University system.
Her work can be found in numerous permanent collections, publications, shops and galleries throughout the U.S.