Kenny Greig

Wood / New Iberia, LA


leaded & copper mobile


My wife and I reside in New Iberia, LA where we raised our four daughters. I am a retired School Psychologist who has been doing play therapy in the workshop for 36 years. Last year I was nominated by the Guild and selected by the Lt. Governor’s office to represent South Louisiana and the Bayou Country at the 2008 Epcot International Wine and Food Festival. It was truly a remarkable experience as my multi-design Chef Block Cutting Boards were a huge success at Disney World. My craft experience started in 1975 with stained glass and my first of 5 commission churches was completed in 1981. In the 90’s my work expanded to include wood, metal and stone in various combinations with glass. The vast majority of my work is based on experimentation and self teaching. After 21 attempts, I developed a special brazing compound to produce a fleur-de-lis design on copper. It includes a hot and cold process that produces tones and iridescent colors in which no two are ever the same. I use various exotic hard woods to make my Chef Block Cutting Boards and that process involves in-grain and long-grain designs. The cutting boards are definitely functional, but most people use them as an art accent in the kitchen. Louisiana reclaimed or sinker cypress is my wood of choice for my wooden serving trays. I also use cypress driftwood from the Atchafalaya Basin for my carved fish. I see a fish in every piece of wood and I only carve the facial features while letting nature dictate the rest of the body. My goal is to do as little as possible and let the wood speak for itself. The creative world of crafts is a reward in itself; the second reward is when the public supports the efforts of the day. I thank the Guild for opening this door for me.