Katherine Prejean

Metal / Youngsville, LA


Working in metals is a passion for me. The meditative process is both compelling and sustaining, giving me the opportunity to create jewelry that is engaging, sophisticated, inviting, well-crafted and beautiful.

My hope is that people enjoy wearing my jewelry, and that the pieces might become part of their personality and/or artistic expression as well.

I use the finest .999 silver, sterling silver, copper or bronze for its main focal point. Complementing the beautiful pieces are colorful semi-precious gemstones and natural materials including Freshwater Pearls, Turquoise, Leather, and much more.

Each and every piece is, in its own way, one of a kind. I carefully craft each unique creation.


Throughout my life, I shyly peeked into the fascinating world of arts and crafts. I experimented with a vast number of mediums in the hopes of finding my way into the community — sewing, crocheting, quilting, cross stitching, smocking. I made papier-mâché ornaments, worked with stained glass and even attempted acrylic painting; but I never pursued these experiments very long. I never felt any of the mediums truly connected to my artistic self, or accurately expressed my personal creativity. My artistic self was dormant, surrounded by doubts that emerged from an insecurity I felt about my lack of formal training or a Fine Arts degree. Still, I continued the search, knowing that my creativity needed an outlet.

In 2007 I attended an introductory class by a local artist that used fine silver metal clay to create jewelry. I had an instant love affair with the newly discovered medium! I found my artistic voice and lunged into the previously elusive arts and crafts community, never looking back. My artistic self began to evolve, and the fundamental need to express myself with my God-given talent blossomed soon after. This was the beginning of KP Designs Handcrafted Jewelry, my dreams fulfilled.
Katherine Prejean, a married mother of four, was born on October 19, 1960. Forty-four years later, she made her first pair of earrings and started creating jewelry as a hobby. She began with simple beading designs before furthering her skills in the field and discovering her creative niche working with metals.

A native of south Louisiana, Prejean creates jewelry that is engaging, sophisticated, inviting, well-crafted and beautiful. Using metals as the main focal point, she complements her designs with colorful, semi-precious gemstones and many other natural materials, including freshwater pearls and leather.

Prejean continues developing her style, taking workshops from Master Instructors and experimenting with new mediums. Her most recent exploration combines metal clay with traditional metals to create unique pieces. Metal clay is a relatively new medium composed of microscopic particles of metal (silver, bronze, copper, or gold) that are mixed with water and an organic binder, creating a pliable material with a consistency similar to modeling clay. When the object is taken to a specific heat and the binder is burned off in a jewelry kiln or with a torch, the metal sinters. Using this process, Prejean is left with pieces that are composed of 99.9% fine silver, sterling silver, copper, bronze, or gold.

Katherine Prejean is proud to be an active contributor to Southwest Louisiana’s arts scene, right in the heart of Cajun Country. She is also a member of Louisiana Crafts Guild ( and Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi ( In 2012 she became a PMC Certified Instructor through PMC Connection and Rio Rewards so that she could help other artists find their voices. Prejean now teaches general classes from beginner to advanced, as well as certification classes in her home studio in Lafayette, Louisiana, recently expanding to New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Mississippi. She is also one of four founding members of the L’esprit du Metal Louisiana Chapter of the PMC Guild, where she serves as Treasurer and Secretary.

All of KP Designs Handcrafted Jewelry is created in Prejean’s home studio.