Charlene Quinility

Fiber / Eunice, LA


I am basically a self-taught weaver with the help of weaving friends. I use 4 harness Leclerc looms and have 3 plus a small Macomber. I always had an urge to do handcrafts and went from one to another until I hit upon weaving and have been doing so since 1989. I usually do traditional Acadian Style weaving but have ventured to more contemporary styles.

Artist Works:


My craft of spinning and weaving first grew out of getting back to basics and gardening. In my garden I grow brown, green, or white cotton for spinning and weaving. I learned to weave in 1989 and work mostly with cotton, wool and rayon. I am basically self taught with the help of weaving friends and workshops. I want to continue the tradition of my family and heritage of weaving.