Bonnie Miller

Metal / New Orleans, LA


I use old school metalsmithing techniques to produce contemporary objects. I'm really inspired every year by new things so my work tends to change dramatically from one year to the next, or at least I try. Right now I'm inspired by Chinese Knotting so I think there will be some items in fall 2010 incorporating that lost art. My favorite material right now is copper. I am loving enameling it and bringing color to my work. I also just like copper raw all by itself.


I live in New Orleans with my husband and baby in this big old bohemian house that really inspires me to work on art. I was self taught for a very long time but I realized that I had hit a wall and was very fortunate to have the privilege of studying under Margo Manning at Delgado Community College here in New Orleans. I think I will be studying for the rest of my life...happily.