Babeth Schlegel

Mixed Media / Baton Rouge, LA


My work is hand fabricated copper, brass, and sterling silver crafted with traditional metalsmith techniques. I love to add colors with opaque or transparent enamel. I employ a sifting technique to apply dry enamel on copper and use stencils or screens to create designs. I separate colors by using the wet packing technique and cloisonné wire. The piece may either be sanded to a matte finish or left as a shiny surface. Every piece is one-of-a-kind.


I am from the beautiful city of Lyon, France, a place known for its gastronomic traditions and local art. I met my husband, an American, after his job brought him to France. We were married, and soon after, his work brought us to Baton Rouge. I found South Louisiana to be a place of rich culture and inspiration, and it prompted me to explore my own creativity. I took classes in several media and began producing my own jewelry. I found influences everywhere, especially in the natural beauty.