Alex Williams

Clay / New Orleans, LA


3818 Magazine St. is now the home for Potsalot. And home is the feeling you get when you walk into the studio/showroom. The natural wood shelving (made by Cindy's dad, CA) matches the glaze pallet and warms up the space. Three separate rooms display the work of Alex and Cindy in varying ways. The front has mainly the kitchen items, the second room is dressier with sinks, lamps, and some pedestal pieces. And the third room has sculpture, paintings, and pedestal work. Alex is up front throwing pots in the middle of the showroom, and will talk to you about the work until you ask him to stop or buy something. (almost)

All the work made is first tested in Cindy and Alex's home. Does the pitcher pour right, does the glaze hold up in the dishwasher, does this piece feel right in your hand. These must be answered before a design or glaze makes it to the shelves. So feel secure that your piece will perform whatever duty smoothly.

When you visit New Orleans you will experience the people, the culture, the history, the music, and the delicious food. You will be glad you came to our great city!

New Orleans was originally developed into a city of commerce because the Mississippi River could transport people and products. Travelers from many places came to settle here, bringing their unique customs. This has created a city rich in traditions and diversity of cultures.

Magazine Street, just minutes from downtown New Orleans, is named for a warehouse that Spanish governor Esteban Rodriquez Mire y Sabater built in the 1780's. This warehouse, known as a 'magazin,' housed products awaiting export. During Miro's term, Spain allowed trade with France and the French West Indies. The duty on ships was removed for two years and this allowed the development of New Orleans as an international port.

You can see the gradual expansion that followed in the progression of architectural styles of Magazine Street as it winds upriver.When in New Orleans, if you want to shop on a street like no other, visit Magazine Street. You will be excited to come back for more. The street is filled with a great spirit and the best shopping experience you will ever find.


New Orleans' potters Cindy and Alex Williams started their shop on Magazine St. in 1993. From the beginning their vision was to create unique functional works of art. Entertaining is a hallmark in New Orleans, and much of the work at Potsalot is to facilitate and beautify your hosting by having a gorgeous piece of pottery from which to serve.