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1. Cultivate traditions

The people of Louisiana represent a rich mix of different cultures and backgrounds. The craftspeople of the Louisiana Crafts Guild carry on the traditions of these cultures, cultivating and growing the heritage of our home. Buying artwork from these craftspeople means that you can take a home a piece of our culture and help these artists continue to perpetuate our region’s greatest treasure.

2. Variety

It is all too simple to bypass the small shops in favor of big box stores thinking they will have more variety and just more of everything. Louisiana craftspeople, though, represent a wide variety of different artistic media and produce things that will interest everyone on your gift list. Everything from beautiful, functional pottery to wall hangings to handmade knives to jewelry are created with care by the artisans of Louisiana.

3. Be kind to our environment

Cheaply made trinkets manufactured an ocean away have taken a long journey to get where they are. Boats, planes, trains, automobiles, and a lot of fuel and energy have gotten in on that journey. When you buy items crafted in Louisiana, you are cutting down on the carbon footprint that your gift is leaving behind. Doesn’t that feel good?

4. “One of a kind” and “unique” aren’t just gimmicks

A quick Google search will give you a ton of “unique” gift lists for the hard-to-shop-for people in your life, but by definition all of these manufactured products are not actually unique. There will be a hundred or a thousand other people across the country receiving that same exact gift. When you purchase handmade pieces from your local artisans, we can guarantee that no one else will have one like it.

5. Avoid crowded stores and crazy traffic

Trying to make your way around the side of town with all of the big box stores will eat up hours of your time as well as a huge amount of your patience. Small stores, like our Sans Souci Fine Crafts Gallery, and markets featuring Louisiana fine craft don’t have lines and dozens of people vying for the best parking spots. Save your time and frustration by shopping Louisiana handmade. 

Written by guest blogger and Louisiana Craftsman, Angelique Juneau

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